Life Update: Positivity & Thankfulness

Hello all!

For those of you that followed the blog, my apologies for not writing for a while. It’s been a big, busy year! I have been completing my various clinical rotations and placements, studying for and passing (YAY!) the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam (NAVLE), starting the job search, AND planning a wedding. It’s been stressful but also very exciting as I start to picture what life after vet school will look like for me, Kelsey, and Sagan.

I currently have a week off from rotations. I had planned to do a trip with some friends to Portugal, but given the current pandemic have decided not to travel. Instead, I am using the time to study, get things done around the house, and also take some time for myself to do things like write in my sad, neglected blog.

And today specifically, on a serious note, I’m taking time to think about and reflect on what March 17th means to me: today marks 5 years since an apartment fire completely changed my life.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 6.46.31 PM

Although it stirs up a variety of conflicting emotions, when I look back at it now, the thing that stands out the most is how thankful I am. After the fire, I had so many family, friends, and coworkers reaching out to me and providing support in any ways that they could. I always had a place to stay, care for my pets, and pretty much anything else I needed. My sister in law helped us look for a new place, my coworkers looked after our pets at the clinic as they recovered, aunts and uncles gave us furniture and household items, and so many kind people donated to help us get back on our feet. This amazing support is what made us able to be where we are today, 5 years later: living in Ireland, soon to graduate and start our careers.

So though I feel a bit stressed by the current situations in the world and the uncertainty that comes with them, I am thankful for what I have and where I am.


Stay safe, everyone. ❤

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